Two Bit Saloon


American (Traditional), Bars, Delis

Price Range : $11-30 ($$)

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Adress: 123 W Legion St, Whitehall, MT 59759

Phone: (406) 287-9117

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  • Jerry C.

    star star star star star_border 17 February 2021

    GREAT PLACE! Fun people...
        Had chicken strips, their homemade ranch dressing and onion rings -- all excellent!
        If, per chance, I stray through Whitehall again, this would be the place I grab a bite to eat.

  • Celeste D.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 13 February 2021

    Came in at 11 am to a empty cold building with no acknowledgement from the sole visible employee.  We had previously scoped out the menu and were prepared  to order. It's  my birthday  and I wanted steak this was one of my only 2 options.  Service was borderline rude definitely not service oriented.  We ordered after a hefty amount of time being ignored and having our drinks loudly (not slammedbut close) placed the table. We ordered fried pickles dang they were so good served with homemade ranch dressing. The ranch and pickles in their own right needs a 5 star review. We ordered a steak sandwich and a ribeye both Medium Rare. Sides were salad, fries, onion rings, "chips". I asked for the lady to pick me the dressing between the two vinaigrettes that were also homemade since I wanted to try something new but couldn't decided.  She brought me a salad with visible slimy gross lettuce and Italian  dressing. The dressing was flavorless and salad was old. She clearly at this point hates her job and we are a huge bother. When I asked if there medium rare was a hot steak with very pink center she was like yeah. Then proceed to tell the cook I wanted a seared steak with pink in the middle words I never said. I asked if they had A-1 she said yeah it's in that bottle but it's a different  brand. So the answer is NO. Food comes out. I have no idea why they call it a steak sandwich it's a steak served with toast. My husbands stake was cooked close to rare but this was acceptable. Onion rings looked good. "Chips" still cooking had to wait on their arrival. Upon the arrival of the "chips" they were gorgeous little floppy circle fries they in no form were "chips". Now the "Ribeye" is clearly  a sirloin and self respecting carnivore  would have know this. The steak was cooked to medium in some areas  and medium  well in others. There was ZERO seasonings added no salt nothing this is now child's play everyone  knows you must season  a steak with a minimum  of salt. This steak is pure lean meat no marble no fat nothing that makes a Ribeye an Ribeye. I just paid $28 for a sirloin. Seriously  the worst Ribeye  ever still has gristle in the marbling. This is a disgrace that they are ROBBING consumers of what they are paying for. Of course no server in sight drinks empty and were having food issues. Fries are pretty good some other brand of ketchup has been filled in the Heinz bottle not horrible  just not Heinz.  So check comes and she starts clearing the table the most attention  we recieved  was the get the hell out of here attention. I was kind and said thank you for every visit she came to the table as it is my Birthday and I wouldn't  have put it past her to mistreat my food. I have no idea why my husband  tipped her $8 I would have left her near nothing. I would only recommend  this place for FRIED PICKLES AND RANCH DRESSING.

  • Wanda E.

    star star star star star_border 10 February 2021

    Stopped in yesterday for lunch, got a table and ordered the chicken tenders and there home cut fries. It was very good, staff was very friendly. Would definitely go back.

  • Jennifer D.

    star star star star star_border 6 February 2021

    We visited this saloon for two reasons: 1. We were driving through the town of Whitehall on our way to Bannack State Park and 2. Only in your state recommended it as a hole in the wall you should visit. So, we went!

    It's a typical, western bar. They have a map on the wall where everyone from out of town signs their name. Thought it was super cool! (Of course I signed!)

    I ordered the Rueben and chips and salsa. The Rueben was huge and delicious. The salsa, for sure homemade, was the BEST I have ever had!! I would go back just for a massive order of that!!

    I initially orders a water, but it tasted funny to me (no fault to them, my husband said it tasted fine). So I ordered a beer and was perfectly satisfied!

    The bartender/waitress was very nice and attentive.

    The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 star rating is that they put your sandwich on top of your side. For me that meant my Rueben was leaving juice all over my chips. Not too excited about that. Other than that, no complaints from me!!

  • David D.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 6 February 2021

    Called for delivery. We are holding an ad that says "we deliver!" ...They wouldn't deliver.

    Thanks for the false advertising!  

    What's the point of advertising in the hotel if you can't deliver on your promise?!  

    I will let the hotel manager know our dissatisfaction, and your unwillingness to meet your advertised (and joint venture agreement) promises.

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